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MD's Message

" The world around us is rapidly changing and bringing newer opportunities as well as challenges at unprecedented pace. To be successful, it is important we continue capitalizing on the new opportunities and cope with the challenges. "

- Mr. Asaithambi Manickam


The world is changing rapidly, presenting us with both opportunities and challenges at an unprecedented pace. To achieve success, we must continue to seize new opportunities and effectively manage the challenges we face.

In today's world, "Yesterday's excellence is today's standard and tomorrow's mediocrity." This means that it is more important than ever to continuously learn and acquire new skills quickly to maintain a high standard of performance.

I am pleased to provide you with updates on some of our key initiatives.

L&W is focused on cultural alignment through our "Build-to-Grow" program. In 2019, we invested in a modern residential technical and training center, where we have conducted approximately 2500 man-days of cultural training.

We are also committed to leveraging digitalization and have launched a L&W-specific digital platform called "HYPHEN," which integrates several digital applications for seamless collaboration between project sites and support functions. We have also implemented ERP and HRMS systems to move towards a paperless and agile organization.

As a responsible contractor, L&W is committed to sustainable development and has launched mobile apps at all project sites to capture and provide visibility on daily consumption and conservation of natural resources. We are also in the process of implementing a holistic sustainability policy to govern our efforts.

At the L&W group level, we have expanded our subsidiaries to provide total solutions to our customers. These include L&W Building Solutions for interior, landscape, and home building, Invreco for specialized solutions comprising precast, structural steel works, M&E, façade, plant, and machinery, and LW Realty.

I am confident that these initiatives and investments will play a significant role in our customers' success, enhance overall employee engagement and cultural alignment within L&W, and improve our overall operational metrics by increasing effectiveness and efficiency.


Warm Regards,


Mr. Asaithambi Manickam

Managing Director, L&W Group

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