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Our Commitments


L&W Construction Private Limited is committed to maintain and strive to provide high levels of client satisfaction by offering innovative and value-added services. We are also committed to:

  • Deliver Projects in a timely and expeditious manner.

  • Adherence to Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Parameters.

  • Eliminate Environmental Pollution, health & safety hazards.

  • Continual improvement in all the activities related to Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety.

  • Comply with all the applicable laws, regulations and standards. Maintain Safe & Healthy work environment supported by a system of environmental friendly and safe work practices that leads to prevention of work related injury and ill-health in all our activities.

  • Consultation and participation of workers and/or their representatives.


Our uncompromising commitment to maintaining high quality and safety standards and minimizing environmental risks is exemplified by our achievement of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certifications.


We value the input of all project participants - architects, consultants, owners, representatives - and foster a spirit of partnership between all parties to ensure project execution achieves the desired quality with optimal efficiency.


Maximising the security of our construction sites is always a priority. Protection against pilferage is provided through perimeter fencing, and round the clock supervision of personnel and vehicle movement, materials conveyance and storage bya dedicated security team.


At L&W, we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. That is why we invest in relevant training, both in­ house and external, to reinforce the skills and competency of our workforce. We are dedicated to developing our staff to their full potential to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business environment.

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