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Execution Process

L&W’s planners carry out a meticulous evaluation of each project and establish an efficient methodology for engineering, procurement and construction sequenced activities which are planned with logistical support to ensure that milestones are achieved.


Engineering & Design Management

Designing and building projects and alternative design schemes are managed through our team of dedicated Professional Engineers based in our technical department.

Design briefs and conceptual layouts are discussed with the client's representative to establish project budgets and preferred material and equipment to be used. Value engineering exercises are carried out to determine the best solutions to meet the client's needs. An engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) approach is applied in executing the work, with engineering programmes listed to schedule the subsequent activities.


At the beginning of each project, a procurement schedule is prepared for all manner of material, equipment and subcontract services to be outsourced. Great care is taken in selecting the right supplier for the job.

L&W’s procurement team ascertains the ability of each supplier to comply with both project specifications and schedule demands by means of a rigorous evaluation procedure. In addition, the procurement team, in conjunction with the Site Construction Manager, coordinates vendor inspections and the release of material.

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