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Construction industry challenges:

Due to the nature of the industry processes and rapid growth, the construction sector is currently facing several challenges. Some of the key challenges among these are:

  • Skills shortage

  • Reduced productivity

  • Heavy paper-based processes creating delays

  • Delayed visibility of project status and issues

  • Project delays impacting profitability

  • Speed of support functions response to the challenges

  • Ineffective collaboration & knowledge sharing among project teams

  • Ineffective site assets utilization and maintenance

  • Sustainable development at project sites


Digitalization @ L&W

At L&W our mission is to accelerate technology adoption and fully leverage relevant technologies in a smarter way.  Our goal is to address the issue holistically from People, Process and Technology perspectives.

People – cultural transformation towards a high-performance organization through standardized work methods, effective training and collective learning


Process – streamlining and eliminating wasteful process steps by adopting LEAN methodologies


Technology – flexible and relevant technologies to automate streamlined processes; systems to bring the teams together

Our journey so far

There are several applications and features launched for L & W employees and partners for seamless collaboration. Some of the key applications and features are listed below:

  • Training Management System with ability to plan, monitor and track various employee training needs, training delivery and effectiveness

  • Real-time monitoring through mobile apps for site Quality & Safety issues

  • Real-time status of employee requests for various enabling functions

  • Real-time Project dashboards bringing visibility for project progress and issues

  • Daily monitoring of natural resources like water, diesel and energy consumption towards sustainable development

  • Automation of administrative tasks such as managing accommodation, rentals, office supplies and uniforms

  • Knowledge portals, Online Manuals, Standards and Procedures

  • Ability to instantly collaborate within the organization in a secured environment

  • Online communication, celebration & streaming of key events, leadership addresses

  • ERP & HRMS implementation governance

  • L&W corporate Intranet named “HYPHEN” is the one stop solution where all our digital applications come to life – all employees and key partners are enabled to access “HYPHEN”

Way forward


There are many more exciting features and applications on the works waiting to be launched as we go forward.

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