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Site Engineer

Job Description Code : LWC-EXC-004

Location : Hyderabad 

Qualification : Diploma in Civil/BE Civil

Experience :  2 – 8 years

No of Openings : 20

Job Scope

  • Receive and study the design drawings for adequacy and accuracy, seek clarifications if any from the Sr. Site Engineer

  • Identify issues if any or missing details prepare and send Request for Information in standard format in consultation with the Sr. Site Engineer and CM and seek the required details from Architect/consultant.

  • Plan daily and weekly work for the allocated areas in consultation with Sr. Site Engineer and CM. Seek advice on the construction methods to be adopted as per the agreed Method statements

  • Ensure the sub-contractors personnel are using correct data and drawings and methods of construction.

  • Monitor and supervise the Sub-Contractors works and report progress and issues/concerns to the Sr. Site Engineer and CM.

  • Inspect the Sub-Contractors works in progress for conformance to quality and design. Identify non-compliances to standards, code of practices and workmanship as per the parameters in inspection checklist.

  • Progressively monitor the quality of works and get the rectifications done if any in timely manner. 

  • Arrange for internal inspection by QA/QC engineer. Liaise with Sr. Site Engineer to raise Request for Inspection to arrange for inspection of Civil and Structural works from Client Representative/ PMC. 

  • Maintain the record of all the inspection of works as per the standard inspection checklists. 

  • Monitor Sub-Contractors off site activities where applicable

  • Proactively identify the M&E interfaces like openings, inserts, M&E penetrations etc. and liaise Sr. Site Engineers & M&E Engineers for coordination of these interfaces

  • Seek advice from Sr. Site Engineer & M&E engineers for target completion dates of civil works to give front to M&E works.

  • Maintain relevant quality records pertaining to all allocated works. (Inspection checks/test reports/results etc.). Inspect and liaise with Sr. Engineer to compile them for Section.

  • Maintain structural drawings, part prints and shop drawings in good order

  • Check setting out of formwork in conjunction with land surveyor. Ensure conformance to the approved drawings. Maintain survey records

  • Plan and order the quantities of concrete, steel and other material in conjunction with Sr. Site Engineer. Verify the same from QS engineer. Maintain the records of concrete and steel and other bulk material ordered and used. 

  • Assist and provide input to Sr. Site Engineer to prepare the daily site report for civil and structural works for the section. 

  • Prepare the bar bending schedule along with Sr. Site Engineer and submit to CM for verification before cutting. 

  • Assist Sr. Site Engineer to inspect rebar’s delivered at site with respect to the BBS and quality. Record acceptance/rejections.

  • Prepare daily concreting activity plan, get it reviewed from Sr. Site Engineer and seek approval from CM. In conjunction with Sr. Site Engineer, notify the client representative regarding expected inspection times.

  • Provide inputs and assist Sr. Site Engineer & CM in preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports.

  • Monitor lifting facilities and liaise with Foremen & Sub-Contractors on hoisting. Assist Sr. Site Engineer to prepare hoisting schedule. 

  • Ensure implementation of trade handing over procedures and get progressive cleaning up of work areas done by respective contractors.

  • Implement L&W processes and systems under guidance from CM and use appropriate standard forms for process documentation. 

  • Attend refresher QA/QC training on quality and process compliance. 

  • Ensure all Sub-Contractors personnel are adopting safe work practices and using appropriate PPE’s which are maintained in good condition.

  • Ensure safe access is provided to the work places. 

  • Actively promote Safety good safety practices as per L&W standards during day to day execution of works. 

  • Contribute and support Sr. Engineer, CM and PM in achieving client satisfaction score.

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