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Manager - Planning

Job Description Code : LWC-PLN-005

Location : Bangalore

Qualification : BE/ME/Diploma/NICMAR/RICS

Experience : 10+ Years 

No of Openings : 1

Job Scope

Pre-Construction Stage (Planning, Design, Procurement) Derive Project Targets: 

  • Plan for Construction Site Planning/Phases based on original tender 

  • Fix Construction milestones using tender programme and finalize Master Construction Programme with site manager and client/consultants 

  • Work out required dates for drawings from consultants (i.e. ST approval) and L&W Construction drawings approval (with technical department) 

  • Setting up internal programmes i.e. Structure Formwork Coordination & detail floor cycle programme, Labour Histogram, Structure and Archi Works weekly forecast 


Construction Stage Progress Report Updates:

  • Track Delays 

  • Analyze reports i.e. identify key bottle neck for progress and plan and chase for resources required to solve issues 

  • Chasing sub-contractors for delivery/fabrication programmes for analysis and monitoring 

  •  Any revision of programmes required to reflect acceleration works on Site or EOT claim 


Coordination with Specialist Subcon and Facilitate on site delivery 

  • Monitoring subcon delivery/fabrication schedule against internal programmes and highlight any bottleneck/discrepancy/signs of delay 

  • Assist SM and production team on sequence of works 

  • Precast items i.e. PBU, Staircase, Refuse Chute, HHS Door frame 

  • Other Materials i.e. Marble Drylay, Delivery, Appliances Delivery, Façade system delivery 

  • Formwork system coordination between subcon and supplier i.e. submission of drawings for approval and material delivery schedule. (Formwork Material Control) 


Post Construction Stage (Operations & Maintenance) Paperwork Support:

  • Assist Site Engineer in documentation and admin works, monthly bulletin, site photos, cube test record, trial mix record, inspection form records, and site inspection with RTOs 

  • Prepare Memo replies and ERD replies and official letters or undertaking letters required by Client/Consultants for site manager review & submission 

  • Compile all site photos, test reports required due to unauthorized and incorrect works and reply to Architect accordingly 

  • Recording of site walks and inspections with authorities (RI, BCA) and Architects for L&W follow-up actions 

  • Prepare for RFAM performance rest reports for approval 

  • Prepare Method Statement as and when requested especially when subcon can’t do up to consultants standards 

  • Prepare Green Mark substantiation documents to submit to consultants 

  • Assist in EOT claim by liaising with claim consultants (in terms of programme/timeline)

  • Prepare all TOP (certs, annex A, letters, signpost, crest level etc.) for submission 

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