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Yondr, Mumbai

Client : EverYondr
Architect/Consultant : Arup
Yondr’s mission is to meet growing businesses' data center capacity needs faster and better in the region. Yondr's adapt-to-suit blueprint design allows clients flexibility to meet their growing MW capacity at speed, positioning India as the go-to location for hyperscale data center players in the world.

Yondr addresses complex data center capacity needs of largest tech companies in the world by bringing scalability and reliability to data center operations, with global consistency, agility, and speed. By delivering the right capacity that meets clients’ current needs and future scalability requirements, optimize performance and cost.

The current project is an overall 30 MW IT load 3 Lakh sqft project under execution at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra that will be occupied by one of the most renowned names in silicon valley.


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