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Capgemini, Mumbai

Client : Capgemini Technology Services India Limited

Architect/Consultant : RSP Architects​​

  • Spread across 50 acres

  • 25,000 employees

  • 350 species of birds

  • 50000 trees, plants and shrubs

  • 5000 desks over 36 floors

  • 14000 seat of open space office across 1.25 million sqft of area

  • First of its kind in India

  • Next- Gen Workspaces with close to 15 types of agile seatings

  • Workspaces implemented in phase and collaborative by the year 2020

  • ASE, AIE, Cloud Lab and C.100 conference rooms

  • GYM, Aerobics room, recovery room, terrace garden, 113+ room guest house with dining and Laundry facilities.

  • Sustainable Campus

  • Solar power used for lighting the cafeteria, Parking areas, gardens and pathways

  • Level of water consumption reduced by using press taps, using of recycled waste water for landscape and toilet flushing

  • Garbage segregation to promote recycling

  • Autobots for cleaning, air purifiers, waterless Urinals, etc

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